above: detail of Harbor Nocturne February 2018

BRIEFLY The painter should never describe his paintings- ever - for any reason. The art has to do all the talking- but off the record I often say "industrial figurative."

A native of the Pacific Northwest, I work on a paper surface on top of canvas with a strong graphic element including typography and atmospheric graphs of Mars. All are worked into the mix a s compositional elements. Depending on the light, and mood of the viewer, it is possible to see something new with every viewing.

I am told my technique of applying and manipulating paint is unorthodox. The surface is pushed, pulled, scratched, scraped, and "attacked," before I then use an industrial belt sander to grind away at the results. And I build my own frames out of recycled cedar and industrial material.

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above: Regents Park April 2016

above: Habor Nocturne February 2018

above: Esmeraude in progress November 2016

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Northwest Native ; grew up on Bainbridge Island, live in Seattle

Cornish College of the Arts- BFA : Fine Art •

Evergreen State College- BA :Film Production

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Phantom Light : an in Depth Bio - Part 1

Echo at Keppel Gate : an in Depth Bio - Part 2

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Contact: (206) 405-0857 cell• email Siege


above: working on Northern Line April 2016

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vartist's statement



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