How do you become an Artist ? Apparently you start with sculpture.
both photographs - La Push, Pacific Coast - 1965 with my English Grandmother - and in 2001

Someone, years ago, insisted that I produce an Artist's Statement. How can you begin to describe Art ? And I described trying to think how to start- to both Jonathan & Duncan. Jonathan, after the afternoon had passed said he Why art? Is there a need? And he added "Is there a need to breathe?" which was quotable all by itself. No sooner am I done with a painting than I am driven to start a new even better one. It's true- What is the work about? Passion. My Art is my passion, and that passion is what makes life worth living.

I sat down and wrote this out on the back of an envelope :



imagine a revolution folded inside a love affair, an avalanche of open rebellion
with a multiple chase scene through burning roses;
two extra dimensions superimposed,

and the entire orchestra
closing in -
on the forward slope of the tidal wave.


It is the real last word ;
the one weapon that can never be beaten. Ever.



But how did you get to be the Artist that you are?

Here's the answer:
the Real Story Part 1 - Phantom Light

Part 2 Part 2 - Echo at Keppel Gate


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