Model Sally and the 1969 Husqvarna CR250 Cross courtesy of Guy Roets

Guy: "I bought the bike mainly for the 1969 motor. The rest of the bike was a mix of parts from other years. Over several years I got a frame from Eastern Washington, exhaust from eBay, original Magura grey "oiler" cables from Australia, trap door throttle, Magura levers, and Magura grips from Oregon, handle bars,seat, fenders, rubber parts and gas tank from California, original 11.9" Girling shocks, springs, Radaelli steel rims and foot pegs from England. The 1969 had a painted steel rear fender, which usually got damaged, and to this point in time I have not ever seen one for sale.I will probably just paint an aluminum fender to look like original. The 1969 also was the last year that Husky used the Bing 32 mm side float carburetor. The went with the 36 mm center float carb from 1970 on. And many owners switched to the new carb, I have found the original 32 mm side float and the manifold that goes with it, and I am going to put that on when the carb is rebuilt. The original tires were Trelleborg which are no longer available so I put on Metzler Unicross which look similar to older style tires. Below is a very nice restoration that shows how the exhaust and rear fender should look like...."

The shoot w/Model Sally was done in the Al Borlin Park in Monroe, Washington



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