Three time Observed Trials World Champion Yrjo Vesterinen's 1977 Bultaco Model 199 Sherpa T Works Prototype

Works Rider Manuel Soler rode this machine in the US rounds, as well as in European rounds before it was shipped to the States. While this machine is a Sherpa T, it has various modifications that you would only find in genuine works bikes. These include the air intake channel in the air filter box, the entire gearbox and also the inlet port in the cylinder. UK Model Victoria and the awesome backdrop of Hartshead Pike east of Manchester England.


The Champ points out a few details to Simon Reillly (whose ESO-BSA we shot on the same day)

Yrjo: "all of the works bikes were offered to the public to buy after they were no longer needed. It was part of Bultaco's ethos and marketing policy.They wanted to offer anyone a works ride! They were sold for the price of a new bike.

The factory paid for our travel expenses so what happened to the old bikes didn't really concern us. What might be worth mentioning is that the bikes that were shipped to the States were not new. We had used them in the European trials already. The reason for this was that new bikes would have required lot of running in time and a fair few adjustments to make them perform. Something that we as riders we weren't too keen on."


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