above: Polish Superstar Tori Nagay, and the amazing HAGON VE MX Suzuki RM125 live at the Hagon Shock factory northwest of London England.
One of Eleven Specials made in February 1979 produced for the 125 Class. The Hagon Frame used the powerful Suzuki RM125 2-Stroke engine & running gear, whilst giving a superior handlng ride the original design.

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above: Supermodels Kory Sally and Little Red ONE MOTO SHOW 2018
Portland Oregon. click to see Spread of featured bikes.

above: Model Sally and Larry Logsdon's 1976 CCM 580 MX windy day in Edmonds Washington.


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Model Little Red and Robin Hannah's 1978 MaiCZo Special, live at the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

UK Model Jessica and the 1959 Royal Enfield Trials courtesy of Ken Rogers

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