Dawn at Le Mans 1987

at the time I wrote: I had a drink and sat down and then after hearing the Jaguar had crashed I felt disappointed and went to lie down in the dirt under the big stand. And there I lay, freezing cold and trying to sleep under my NATO Jacket - my head on my camera, and my umbrella tied to my wrist. I couldn't really sleep - it was so uncomfortable, and then (even then) I snoozed for about 50 minutes. And then I sat up and snoozed on and off for another hour or so about five am I got up and tried to brush off the dirt - it two inches of dusty dirt - dry and white, and I looked like a tramp - and I got a cup of coffee - it was terrible by regular standards, like dusty and oily water, but I was so cold that it was just what the doctor ordered. I walked up and down for a while trying to warm up. the other fans must have thought I was neurotic - but I was so cold I really didn't give a damn what they thought.

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