Road Trip 1993 heading East to Area 51 Jonathan on his V50 Monza, me on the Suzuki Thousand, just North of Rachel, Nevada.

at the time I wrote: US6 is ONE DESOLATE HIGHWAY~! It is so desolate that it is humorous. You couldn't have a more desolate stretch of roadway. You think. Until you turn off US6 to head east on Nevada's US 375.

Jesus~! This road isn't a highway the way you are used to. There is NOTHING human except the road and a few signs. Look at it~! We saw cactus, and I stopped to see if it was real and a large chunk came off in my glove and stuck there like 27 fish hooks. I gave it to Jonathan who was angry as it went right through his glove and straight through his skin. Wow.


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