Dragon Stop for a moment, go back to days long past - when ten year old hands turned pages, and heads overflowed with Knights, Spells & Dragons.

What is a dragon? well... how would you answer that? - I don't know - a ferocious mythical beast , right? Ok - but give me some specifics.
Hmmm - they have wings, brilliant markings and glowing eyes. The creature flies, roars, and breathes fire - kills you if you get too close.

They say an Artist is a child who survived. And now here I beheld a snarling winged beast, eyes piercing the darkness, flying towards us, shafts of light filtering eerily though the trees - the dragon breathing fire, as the driver shifted down - each time a long tongue of flame snarling from the side of the car as fuel spilled out of the wastegate.

This pilgrimage may well be the completion - in very straight terms - of a little boy's quest to find a dragon.

above: Eyes gleaming - a pair of Jags partway though the battle, seen here approaching Indianapolis corner I shot these with Konica 3200 ASA Film

down the hill after the Dunlop Bridge in fading light

©2010 SIEGE